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Joseph H. Noble, DDS Blog

Why You Should Visit the Dentist Before the New School Year

July 15, 2018

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kids with backpacks smilingIn the middle of cookouts, family vacations, and lazy days spent by the pool, it can be hard to start thinking about the coming school year. Even though summer is in full swing, however, the first day of school will be here before you know it – so it is time to start preparing the back to school list now. Colored pencils? Check! New lunchbox? Check! Dentist appointment?… Check? If making a trip to the dentist isn’t on your back-to-school list, it should be. Continue reading below to find out how a trip to the dentist this summer is about more than just a healthy smile – it is also about excelling in the classroom.


A Dentist in Alamo Heights Offers Tips on Finding a Dentist

June 11, 2018

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Happy dental patient in the dental chairWelcome to San Antonio! If you’ve decided to live in Alamo Heights, then you’ve chosen a city within a city. You’ll get all the advantages of a large metropolitan area along with the warmth, convenience and friendliness of a small town. We bet you’ll feel right at home in no time. And right at home is also how you should feel in your dentist’s office. The atmosphere should be welcoming, the customer service should be attentive and the dentistry should be cutting-edge. To help you find the dentist that’s right for you, here are some questions to think about complements of the dentist in Alamo Heights.


Tips to Find the Right Dentist in Shearer Hills

April 15, 2018

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woman receiving a dental examAre you new to the area and need a new dentist in Shearer Hills? Maybe you are dissatisfied with your current one and would like to find a different dental practice? No matter the reason that has lead you to search for a new dentist, you have a difficult decision ahead of you. There are many excellent options in the area, but not all will meet your needs. To make the right choice for your smile, there are several factors to keep in mind when looking for a new dentist.

Easy Tips for Finding the Right Dentist in Castle Hills

March 2, 2018

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man blue sweater finger on chinAs spring approaches and the sun begins to shine brighter, you look to leap forward with better oral health, which is why you’re on the hunt for the right dentist in Castle Hills to provide preventive dentistry. But the problem is that you’re not sure how to find him. You wonder, “Are there some simple steps that I can take to make a sound decision?” The answer is a resounding, ‘Yes!’ Continue reading to learn what they are.


San Antonio Dentist is Fighting for the Honor of Your Tongue

December 31, 2017

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woman holding toothbrush and scraper

Hello, I’m your tongue. I’m always hanging around, providing the pleasure that you get from tasting all the beautiful flavors of food. However, I feel rejected at times. You put so much attention into brushing and flossing your teeth, but barely clean me. Now I have an abundance of bacteria on me. Your dentist says that you must start treating me with more care, or your entire oral health could be in jeopardy.


Your Dentist Explains Why You May Be Experiencing Tooth Sensitivity

November 15, 2017

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woman biting down on ice creamIt’s that time of the year again – the big UT San Antonio vs Texas State University rivalry football game. As you sit outside with your crew tailgating, you enjoy the crispness of a certain ice-cold beverage, and notice that one of your teeth seems to be unusually sensitive. You can’t get in to see your dentist on a Saturday, but you need some answers now. Read ahead to learn what may be the cause of your sensitivity.


Dentist Provides 3 Need to Know Bad Breath Busting Tips!

October 1, 2017

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woman hiding smile embarrassed Imagine going on a date and having the time of your life. Your date is easy on the eyes, has a great personality, and you are both connecting well. But one thing makes you think twice about going on a second date: their breath! There’s nothing that can put a damper on a great conversation like bad breath.

If you want to feel confident in yourself and your oral health, your dentist created this week’s blog just for you. Here are 3 very helpful tips on how to avoid bad breath.


You Protect Us. Let Dr. Joseph Noble Protect Your Family’s Smiles

September 30, 2017

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Young girl at dentistDr. Joseph Noble and our caring dental team strive to provide the highest quality of care to families in the area because we care about our community and those in it. We serve the needs of many military families and first responders who need quality dentistry. We know that you work hard to protect us. We want to help protect you and your family by providing the dental services your family needs to develop and maintain healthy, beautiful smiles.

Why Do I Need to See My Dentist in San Antonio Regularly?

July 20, 2017

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Here’s why seeing your dentist in San Antonio regularly is so important. Sometimes your regular cleaning and checkup appointment at the dentist feels like a nuisance, especially when you’re in the middle of a busy workweek. The last thing you want to do is take time out of your busy day to visit the dentist, and you might even consider canceling that appointment; however that’s a huge mistake! Your dentist in San Antonio explains why.


Totally Improve Your Smile with Your Dentist in San Antonio

May 22, 2017

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Which cosmetic services are right for you from your dentist in San Antonio?Are you tired of feeling less than confident about what your smile has to offer? Have you been longing to blossom into the social butterfly that you’ve always known you could be, but your teeth always hold you back? If you’ve been thinking about making improvements to your smile—minor or major—the dental office of Joseph H. Noble, DDS is here to help you! Your San Antonio dentist offers a variety of cosmetic services that can transform any less than favorable smile into one that will stun your friends and family!


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