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San Antonio Dentists Offers Dental Crowns & Bridge

Dental crowns and bridges have long been staples of restorative dentistry Dental crowns and bridges have long been staples of restorative dentistry. Whether used as a stand-alone to protect a weak tooth or in conjunction with false teeth to fill in the gap in your smile, dental crowns from San Antonio dentist Dr. Noble provide strength and beauty. And with either a dental crown or a bridge, you have a permanent prosthesis that won’t slip, click or worse—fall out of your mouth.

Dental Crowns in San Antonio

Dental crowns serve a number of different purposes when you have a damaged tooth. For instance, if you have a tooth that is severely compromised by decay, then a standard tooth-colored filling may not suffice. In this case, Dr. Noble may recommend a dental crown. Similarly, a tooth with a penetrating crack can be held together with a dental crown. If you’ve recently had a root canal to treat an infected tooth, then a dental crown is commonly needed to support and protect the remaining tooth structure.

If you need a dental crown, then you’ll only need to schedule two appointments about two weeks apart. Dr. Noble will remove any decay and then file away a portion of the tooth in order to make room for the crown. We place a temporary crown over your prepped tooth until the permanent crown is delivered from our dental lab.

Dental Bridges in San Antonio

If you have even one missing tooth, then you know the challenges go beyond what your smile looks like to everyone else. You may not be able to eat all the foods you love and there may even be some words that are difficult to pronounce clearly. A dental bridge will solve these problems and help you avoid oral health concerns that often accompany tooth loss, such as a misaligned bite, gum disease and additional tooth loss.

Dental Crowns and Bridges in San Antonio

When used together, dental crowns and bridges provide an immovable replacement for missing teeth. A crown and bridge is actually one unit; the crowns are at either end and false teeth attach to the crowns in order to bridge the gap in your smile. The two crowns are mounted to healthy teeth that abut the gap. If these teeth aren’t strong enough to support crowns, then dental implants may be substituted. Once again, Dr. Noble prepares the teeth for crowns and you wear a temporary bridge while your custom prosthesis is hand crafted in the lab. When the crown and bridge are bonded into place, the result is a row of teeth that look and feel as natural as your own.